Month: July 2011

Saturday 7/30/11 Chipper WOD

For time: 70 Burpees60 AbMat Situps50 Double Unders40 Swings 53/3530 Box Jumps20 Pullups10 HSPU1000m Row or 4 Laps 

Friday 7/29/11 WOD

Agility Ladder Drills 5 Rounds NOT for time:5-7 Dips (rings, stand or assisted)Rest 60 sec7-9 Toes to Bar (practice kipping or go strict) Rest 60 sec15 Consecutive Rebounding Box Jumps  For box jumps choose a height that allows you to complete the reps unbroken Tips for Rebounding Box Jumps: 1. Keep your eyes and chest up …
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Thursday 7/28/11 Shuttle Run and OH WOD

CFS mascot Ty! This WOD is untimed and will be completed with rest between rounds.  If your load is light add more suicides and for the love of God RACK THE BAR!  Check out this video on Athlepedia. 5 Rounds:1 Suicide10 Shoulder to OH The CrossFit Games start tomorrow at 10am and continue all weekend …
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Wednesday 7/27/11 Team WOD

In Teams of 2 – Only one person working at a time – Complete the following in order: 20 min AMRAP40 Double Unders30 Squats20 Swings10 Burpees So this happened today…. Greg accidently set his alarm for PM and was late this morning for class – so the 6am Crew wrote up their own WOD while …
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Tuesday 7/26/11 Front Squat WOD

A. Front Squat – build to heavy single or 5 x 5 B. Death By Thruster – 1 Thruster on the 1st min, 2 Thrusters on the 2nd….Bar can not be dropped during the set, all reps in last uncompleted set count.  Laura practicing with our new Prowler, thanks Pete! Tom & Nick Synchronized Thrustering …
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