I’m not big on posting the WOD too early to avoid “cherry picking” but thought it was worth it in this case to give some of you a heads up to come in and work on these skills.

10 min of Kipping Pullup Practice

12 min Clock NOT scored
5 Pistols R & L
5 Windmills R & L
*goal is to increase KB wt on the windmill towards 53/35 and build towards Rx Pistol Depth 

12 min Clock NOT scored
5 Perfect Form Burpees AFAHP immediately to
10 Consecutive Rebounding Box Jumps

Perfect Burpee Rules:
NOT flopping on the ground like a rag doll but controlling your drop to a few inches above the ground.
NOT “snaking” up but pressing up with a tight core.
Fully extending your hands over head to clap and jumping as high as possible**. 

Choose a box height that allows you to perform 10 consecutive rebounding box jumps

**individual must demonstrate the ability to jump high enough to allow a standard piece of paper to be slid underneath their feet or risk public humiliation

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