Month: March 2011

3/31/11 Thursday Skill Day

I’m not big on posting the WOD too early to avoid “cherry picking” but thought it was worth it in this case to give some of you a heads up to come in and work on these skills. 10 min of Kipping Pullup Practice 12 min Clock NOT scored5 Pistols R & L5 Windmills R …
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CF Open WOD #2

15 min AMRAP:9 Deadlifts 155/10012 Pushups (games standard)15 Box Jumps 24/20 All competitors please watch the standards video (pay special attention to the pushup section) before you show up for the WOD on Saturday at 11:00. Post to comments if you’ll be joining us on Sat or if you need another time before then. Remember you …
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3/30/11 Wednesday Team WOD

In teams of 4 complete: 5000m Row150 DB Hang Power Clean and Jerks200 Wall Balls250 Ring Rows  Martha, Bob, Sam, Chris S – 23:00 Tim, Miin, Bill, Whaleed – 23:12Amanda, Kayser, Melissa, Kelly – 25:11 Pat, Steven, Mark – 28:40 (did 4 person reps) 3 Person teams:Michele, Bill, Kevin M – 17:32 Steph, Brian, Woody – 17:52John M, …
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3/29/11 Tuesday Barbell Complex WOD

3 Rounds for time:6 Power Cleans9 Front Squats12 Shoulder to OH15 Burpees 

3/28/11 Monday Partner WOD

With a partner complete the following: 2000m Row100 Burpees150 Swings200 AbMat Situps250 Squats


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