Beginning March 13th we are re-instating the Sunday morning class.  It will be held weekly at 9am and will NOT be a skill session.  This is a regular WOD class.

Effective yesterday Saturdays at 11am will no longer be advanced weightlifting.  We are preparing for The CrossFit Games Open.  For the next few weeks BIG DAWGS will compete against each other in an undisclosed WOD.  You must get coaches’ clearance to attend these sessions.  There will be minimal scaling so participants must be able to do double unders, squat snatches, pistols, HSPU, dips etc… 

On March 15th Headquarters will announce 1 WOD to be completed that week.  This will continue for 6 weeks.  Our BIG DAWGS will do the WODs on Saturdays at 11am.  Scores will be submitted and the top 60 men and 60 women in Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York and New Jersey will compete in Regionals June 17th – 19th (yes it’s 3 days long). 

On a side note, bowling on the 12th is full.  We are taking names for an alternate list and if we get 5 alternates we’ll make another team.

Check out how Katherine Switzer’s story changed competitive running for women forever HERE 

Congrats Ed and Rosie for getting their Level 1 CF Cert on this weekend!