In Teams of 3 with 2 teammates working at once, complete 10 reps of any movement to score 1 point.

15 min Clock
Hang Power Snatch 95/55
Wall Ball 20/14

5 min

15 min Clock
Rowing – Cals
Burpee Hurdle Jump 

Partner Challenge Update:

– Start time: 10:00 AM

– 3 WODs TBA week of the event

– Everyone is welcome to enter there will be a Scaled and Rx Division

– In order to be eligible for the Rx Division at least 1 of the teammates must be able to:

– Complete at least 3 unassisted pullups
– Deadlift Men 315lbs, Women 200lbs
– Overhead Squat a 44lb / 30lb Kettlebell
– Double Unders 

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