Month: October 2010

Good Luck Clint!

 Clint earns his 50 WOD shirt before he heads off to OCS!!! The Huffington Post’s Justin Stoneman writes “America: A Big, Fat, Stupid Nation“


Warm Up5 min Jump Rope Drills5 min of “Cindy” 5 Rounds NOT for time 20 min Cap A1. 10 Pulls on the Rower for Max Cals*A2. 10 Push Press Score Avg Cals and Avg Lbs over 5 Rounds 5 Rounds NOT for timeB1. 5-7 Reps R & L Stationary Lunge Hold Pair of DBsB2. 8-10 Reps …
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10/28/10 WOD

 A. Warm Up 3 Rounds 10-15 Reps NOT for timePullupPushupOH SquatSwing  B. 5 min Partner Plate Burpees C. MetCon500m Row30 Burpees or Plate Burpees30 KTE or sub 50 AbMat Situps D. 3 Rounds NOT for time60 Sec PlankMax Reps Back Extension  What’s a Plate Burpee? Watch this video…

10/27/10 WOD

30 min to establish a Max Clean (Power or Squat) for 50+ WOD Athletes -50 WOD Athletes build to a “heavy” single focusing on proper technique first 5 Rounds NOT for time10 TTB or KTE20 Consecutive Rebounding Box Jumps 10 Burpees AFAHP Krista – 140Rita – 127Amanda – 120Jeanne – 115Jenny – 90Marlyn – 85Kelly – …
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10/26/10 WOD

50+ WOD – 3 attempts at Max Deadlift – 50 WOD – 5 x 5 Front Squat Tabata Squat and Tabata Double Unders 


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