Month: September 2010

9/30/10 WOD

3 Rounds – 60 sec of work / 60 sec of rest Row (Cals)PullupsSquatsPush Press/Push Jerk – 75/45 Scale pullups to ring rows if you can not complete 5 consecutive reps on the green band  Healthy at Any Size? written by Melissa McEwen on her blog

9/29/10 WOD

 Congrats to our new On Ramp graduates Laura, Jess, Jonathan, Eric, Joan, Chrissie, Gerald, Kristina, Michell, Carla, Tony and Craig! We will be ordering new tshirts & sweatshirts soon and are looking for some fresh ideas.  We’ll replenish our stock of DO WORK apparel but if you have any ideas for new slogans post to …
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9/28/10 WOD

NOT for time10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1Bench PressDouble KB Front Squat  Scaling:Bench Press – 225/115 185/95 155/75 135/65Front Squat – 70/44 53/35 44/30 

Royal Rumble WOD #1 Heat 3

Royal Rumble WOD #1 “Zeus” Heat 3 

9/27/10 Partner WOD

Indoor WOD version With a partner complete:5 Rounds500m Row40 Wall Balls20 HSPU  Outdoor WOD version With a partner complete:5 Rounds200m Run with Med Ball40 Wall Balls20 HSPU  *Med Ball can never touch the ground during the entire WOD, immediate 5 burpee penalty – Scale to 2x Pushups Future CrossFitters – thanks Kim for the pics!


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