Month: July 2010

7/31/10 Summer Slam Wrap Up

       >     Great job today everyone! Big thanks to Andy S, Jenner, Khaled and Kevin for judging – it was a lot of work and we couldn’t have done it without you.  The competitors came to win and gave max effort in all 3 WODs.  Some of the coolest stuff we saw: Lynn’s 145lb cleanMarlyn finishing the run first …
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7/30/10 WOD

Warm Up:3 RoundsJog 250m (around building)10 Band Pass Thrus10 Med Ball Pushups10 Ring Rows If you are competing tomorrow you can work on whatever you need to for the hour or… WOD:20 min AMRAP unscored 2 Stones (Shoulder 1R & 1L)5 DB Squat Snatch (5R & 5L)5 Box Squat to Box Jump5 OH Walking Lunge …
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7/29/10 WOD

PLEASE BE READY TO GO 30 MIN BEFORE YOUR HEAT ON SAT- ALSO NO SUNDAY CLASS THIS WEEK Rest/Skill Day – anyone competing this weekend, today is a light skill based day. You can also work on any of the skills for the competition. 1A – Rowing technique. Partner one will perform 20 strokes with …
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Summer Slam Heats!

If you don’t see your name listed below it’s because you didn’t respond with which group you will be competing in. Make sure you are warmed up and ready to go 30 min before your heat. FYI – You don’t have to be at the gym at 10:00 if your heat is at 11:00 just …
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7/28/10 WOD

 Congratulations to our new On Ramp graduates Sandy, Faye, Jonty, Eddy, EJ & Ryan NW Regionals WOD #1 3 Rounds10 OHS 135/8050 Double Unders Devin – 4:25Kristie – 7:19Tom – 7:23Kevin T – 7:45Clint – 126 repsNick – 126 repsBobbi – 9:06 (25 DUs)Ricky – 9:26 (25 DUs) 115/65lbsKrista – 7:30Jenner – 7:35Ed – 7:51Mike …
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