Month: June 2010

Team WOD #3 Meltdown

Team WOD #3 Meltdown from CrossFit Stamford on Vimeo. 15 Power Snatches 115/7515 Power Cleans 155/9550 Swings 70/4550 Wall Balls 20/14500m Row50 Box Jumps 24/20400m Run150 Double Unders50 Burpees

6/30/10 WOD

NO TRACK ON SUNDAY AND MONDAY IS 12:30 CLASS ONLY A. 1000m Row Test B. 10 Min to build to heavy 3 rep Power Clean C. “We Need One Score” – from CF Football 3 Rounds of – 3 min AMRAP – 3 min Rest 3 Power Cleans 155/956 Pushups9 TTB or KTE if you’re capable …
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AP Fran

6/29/10 WOD

This week were testing the 1000m Row. You have all week to do it as many times as you like but only have to do it once.  A. Back Squat 3RM to a box for 50+ WODs or 5 x 5 for – 50 WODsB. Perform 20 reps at 75% of your squat from today. …
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6/28/10 WOD

We weren’t being lazy about posting the WOD today – we didn’t want some of you guys seeing what was in store and deciding to take a “rest day” from F-R-A-N. For many of you who have done it before the very thought of this WOD invokes cold sweats and upset stomachs. We saw a ton …
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