We are hosting the Whole9 nutrition seminar at 10am on Saturday so Kevin’s class will be moved to 9am this week.

Also starting this Sunday we will be meeting at the Stamford High School track at 10:00 am instead of the regular 10:00 am skills class. No OLY class for the time being. 

The workouts will vary between sprints, longer endurance runs, hills and neighborhood runs. All levels are encouraged to join in. Many of us NEED to work on our running endurance so nows the chance. The Stamford High track will be our central meeting place but we will use the surrounding neighborhoods also.  

Show up 10 minutes early, bring some water and if you have a sport watch wear that too. Unless there is a monsoon we will be running ran or shine. 

Here’s some motivation – hard to comprehend how fast he is…