Month: March 2010

Class Poll

The CFS community continues to grow rapidly and to keep the quality of the classes high we will add additional classes. We want to hear your opinion: – If we added a 6:30pm Friday night class how many of you would be interested in attending?  – What about an additional Saturday class? 9:00 am or …
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3/31/10 WOD ME Press

Go for a PR5 x 1 Max Strict Press5 x 2 Max Push Press 3 Rounds – Rest approximately 60sec between movements:A. Alternate Grip Bent Over Row x 5B. Ring / Parallette Pushup x MaxC. AbMat Situp x 25 unbroken 10 x Partner Band Sprints 

This Saturday AM Class will be at 9AM

We are hosting the Whole9 nutrition seminar at 10am on Saturday so Kevin’s class will be moved to 9am this week. Also starting this Sunday we will be meeting at the Stamford High School track at 10:00 am instead of the regular 10:00 am skills class. No OLY class for the time being.  The workouts …
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3/29/10 WOD Benchmark Tuesday

“Jackie” – 15 min cap1000m Row50 Thrusters 45/2530 Pullups Pullup Scaling Options: A. 15 unassisted – if able to kipB. 15 assisted – use the least amount of help as possible Finisher – 50 or 75 back extensions unweighted for the least amount of sets RxDoug – 6:54Khaled – 6:56Kevin T – 6:58John M – …
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Whole9 Returns this Saturday!

Last call for the nutrition seminar this Saturday April 3rd at 10am.  It will last 3 hours and cost $50.  Melissa and Dallas are coming back to give us the lowdown on Paleo.  I can’t speak highly enough of this seminar particularly if you are interested in losing weight and/or improving athletic performance.  Attendance is …
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