Month: February 2010

2/26/10 WOD – FRIDAY

3 Individual Rounds for Time:Row 500/45021 Wall Ball  20/14 Rest approximately 3 min between rounds Wall Ball can not touch the ground, if ball is dropped at any point before completing 21 reps add additional 3 reps  3×10 GH Raise3×15 AbMat Situp  POST SCORES AND SCALING TO COMMENTS

2/25/10 WOD

For Time: 40 KB Thrusters 10 DUs30 KB Thrusters20 DUs20 KB Thrusters30 DUs10 KB Thrusters40 DUs  20R & 20L 53lb/35lb Scale accordingly POST SCORES AND SCALING TO COMMENTS

2/24/10 WOD

REMINDER NO SAT 27th CLASS – SUN 28th IS ON WOD: Midwest Sectional WOD #3 5 min Rowing Cals4 min Box Jump 24″/20″3 min Wall Ball 20lb/14lb2 min Hang Snatch 75lb/45lb1 min HSPU There is a running clock and score is total points of all 5 movements.  Michelle – 180Susan – 168Krista – 165Rita – …
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2/23/10 WOD

Strength:Spend 15 min to build to a Heavy Triple in the Deadlift (traditional) Skill:3 Rounds NOT for time rest approximately 60sec between each A) 5 HSPU Unbroken Scaling:– Hands on plates / Head to Floor– Head to 1 AbMat / 2AbMats – Practice Handstand Holds B) 10 Strict Ring Dips (full extension and lockout)– Dip Stand– …
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2/22/10 WOD

New addition to the 6am crew and future Firebreather Jake Nice to see Bill back!  3 Rounds of Max Thruster @ 65% of bodyweight (2 min cap) 3 Rounds of Max Front Squat @ 85% of bodyweight (1 min cap) Bar can be held in rack position as much as needed. Set is over if …
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