Thanks to all who came out for the Halloween WOD.  We wore ridiculous outfits, drank too much and made fun of Kevin T, I guess it was a pretty normal night.  Conspicuously missing from the late night creeps was Steven Perotta who should expect a lot of hazing next week.  

Here’s how the night went down:  We broke into 2 teams for some heated competition in 3 events – the balloon hopper, 3 legged race and CF trivia (which you all need to brush up on by the way).  Props to Andy S for being the only person who could name one of our cats for a point in the trivia round helping team Halloweenie soar to victory.  Better luck next year Vicious Tutu Dancers!

Congrats to Kevin T for winning the award for Best Costume in his homemade SpongeBob Squarepants!