Month: October 2009

SpongeBob stops by for a WOD

SpongeBob Squarepants stops by CFS for a WOD 

2nd Annual CFS Halloween WOD

       Thanks to all who came out for the Halloween WOD.  We wore ridiculous outfits, drank too much and made fun of Kevin T, I guess it was a pretty normal night.  Conspicuously missing from the late night creeps was Steven Perotta who should expect a lot of hazing next week.   Here’s how the night went down:  We broke into …
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10/30/09 WOD

“NICOLE”20 Min AMRAPRun 400mAs many pullups as possible in 1 set Score = # of pullups completed Khaled – 127John M – 103Doug – 102Devin – 58Mike Duigs – 56Will – 47Dan – 44MIke D – 43Ricky – 32Laurie – 20 (Yellow) 

10/29/09 WOD

6:00am WOD:Deadlift 4X4 (80% Max). No touch and go, focus should be on perfect posture. then…10X Partner band resistance sprints  Remember Halloween Party WOD Tonight @ 6:00pm!

10/28/09 WOD “Speal”

             WU:Row 2 min10 Thrusters with PVC & 10 Situps10 Thrusters with Barbell & 10 Situps10 Thrusters with Warm Up weight & 10 Situps WOD: “Speal” 10 Thrusters 135/7550 Double Unders  8 Thrusters 135/7540 Double Unders  6 Thrusters 135/7530 Double Unders  4 Thrusters 135/7520 Double Unders  2 Thrusters 135/7510 Double Unders Scale Thruster as needed but remember it’s supposed to …
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