Agility Ladder

Deadlift – 5X3 then…

from CF Invictus 
4 Rounds:
2 Min of 5 Pullups 10 Burpess
1 Min Rest 

Final Results from the Throwdown 

NE Throwdown WOD 2 Highlights from CrossFit Stamford on Vimeo.

We did it!  This weekend 10 of CrossFit Stamford’s finest headed up to Natick, Massachusetts for the 2nd annual New England Throwdown.  Nervous excitement filled the air as the 100 competitors prepared to go head to head in 2 excruciating WODs.  

2 Rounds
3 OH squats
6 Jerks
9 Front Squats
12 Power Cleans
21 Burpees

4 Rounds
Hang Snatches
Box Jumps

“THE LOT” was tough but the CFS women earned top spots with Hilary and Bobbi finishing 2nd and 3rd in the Pups division and Kristie taking home 3rd place in the Pack.  

Yes, I have to mention it.  Andy S did throw up after WOD 1 so now we know that Burger King doesn’t serve the best food to eat before doing burpees.

Doug had the most exciting finish winning 1st place in WOD 2 for the Pack division!

Congrats to Devin, Andy S, Jenner, Kevin T, Bobbi, Cat, Doug & Hilary who were brave enough to show their stuff in such an intense environment.  Thanks to Jeanne and Abbie for your support and motivation.  Start gearing up for the next challenge this winter, a team competition!