Month: March 2009

3/30/09 WOD MURPH

Who hasn’t had conversations about the best footwear for CrossFit? In this article, CrossFit Delaware Valley gives us all the answers…“Murph”Run 1 mileComplete the following in any order:100 Pullups200 Pushups300 SquatsRun 1 mile Jenner – 45:35 20lb vestTom – 37:46Andy P – 38:35 Andy S – 39:35 Alex – 44:38Kevin T – 46:44Lee – 47:51Phil …
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3/29/09 TEAM GAME

What a Day! Bob’s team won today’s challenge by a mere 10 seconds and then he was presented with his 50 WOD tshirt. He didn’t say so but I’ll have to assume this was the best day of Bob’s life!As a team complete the following:4000m Row200 Burpee Barrier Jumps300 Rage Ball

And the Winner Is…Team O Face!

Big Ballers – Susan, Ken, Andy P, Andy S, Abbie & Kristie Devin, Alex, Dennis, Marine, Jenner & Steve Team O Face – Sam, Michelle/Eric, Amy, Nick, Kevin, Cat Thanks to everyone who came out to bowl on Friday night. We all had a great time but in the end Team O Face soared to …
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3/26/09 WOD “Filthy 50”

“Filthy 50” – perform 50 reps of each in order Box Jump 24″ or 20″ Jumping Pullup Swings 36lb or 20lb Walking Lunge Knees to Elbows Push Press 45lb or 30lb Back Extensions Wall Ball 20lb or 14lb Burpee Double Under Jenner – 22:32 Tom – 24:24 Alex – 25:40 Andy S – 26:13 Cat …
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3/25/09 Diane Video

3.25.09 WOD “DIANE” from CrossFit Stamford on Vimeo. If video runs slow here’s the YouTube version.


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