Month: February 2009

2/27/09 WOD Team Games

Team WOD10 min AMRAP10 Deadlifts10 Burpees (95lb/135lb)Rest 5 min10 min AMRAP300m Row21 Thrusters (20lb/35lb)Team K-MAC (Kevin, Michelle, Amy, Cedric) wins 31 to 30 in a last second shoot out vs. Team T-JAM (Tiffany, Jeanne, Andy S, Mac)In the 6am group Devin and Mike D vs. Alex and JB finished in a last second tie (16.5)

2/26/09 OLY Video

Cool video showing unbelievable power…

If You Still Can’t Rack the Barbell…

Your Poor Lats, Instructions for Care and Feeding Your Lats are unheralded super beasts. Whether they are hucking your carcass through a 150 pullups, stabilizing your spine in the back squat, ripping a sub 7 minute rowing 2k, or just pulling 225 from the ground a couple of 45-plus times, they never let you down. …
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2/24/09 WOD Back to Basics

Sometimes we need to go back and work on the basics…….Tabata Squatsrest 4 minMax Perfect Pushups in 1 Minuterest 4 minPullups on the Minute (starting with 3)rest 4 min500m RowSquats – Pushups – Pullups – RowKEN FIVESON – 18 – 46 – 9 – 1:50.3Mike D – 16 – 23 – 7 – 1:47.4Mike P …
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2/23/09 WOD Push Press & Rowing

2.23.09 WOD Tom and Kevin from CrossFit Stamford on Vimeo. 500m Row 21 Push Press500m Row18 Push Press500m Row15 Push Press500m Row12 Push Press115lb and 75lbDevin – 12:29Tom – 13:55Kevin T – 15:44Kevin C – 16:45Jenner – 17:04Lee – 17.1095lb and 65lbMichelle – 16:40Mike D – 33:23 75lb and 55lb Lucia – 19:37 Marianne – …
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