30 sec each repeat 3 times
Jump Rope – Jumping Jack – Front and Back Jumping Jack – Side to Side Hops

10 Reps Each Repeat 3 times
Pushup hands on the ball – Full Body Chop with med ball

Circuit 1 – Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes
Pullups 10X
Push Offs on ball 10X
Deadlift 10X (barbell or single dumbbell)
Dumbbell Cleans 5X

*Mike and I both completed 4 rounds

Circuit 2 – Finish 3 Rounds
Wall Ball 10X
Burpee 10X (no pushup or jump)
Knee to Chin 20X
Box Jump 10X

Set treadmill to 15% Grade Speed 8.0
Sprint 20 sec Rest 40 sec
Repeat 5 times