Will it be hard?
Yes, but not impossible. The training is based around simple yet effective fundamental movements executed at high intensity. It’s that simple.

Can I keep up?
Yes. There are modifications for every exercise we do. We suggest having at least one session with a trainer before joining a group class to learn the basics.

What exactly is CrossFit Training?
CrossFit training is results oriented conditioning program ideal people looking to push themselves to a new level of fitness. This type of training utilizes the best piece of equipment available —your body!

What’s a typical workout like?
Workouts lasts one hour and focus on developing functional conditioning. Each session trains the entire body – primarily with bodyweight exercises and calisthenics. Cardiovascular and strength-endurance activities will utilize various dumbbells, barbells and medicine balls.

So I’ll be fit. Will it make me look better too?
While a fundamental principle of CrossFit is that form follows function—that is, we value athletic performance and health over aesthetics—that doesn’t mean appearance is neglected. Instead of approaching fitness in terms of appearance (goals like smaller pant sizes), we focus on performance goals—a certain number of pull-ups, a better time on a diagnostic workout, etc. Chasing these performance goals will ensure that you achieve your aesthetic goals, but the opposite is not true.

Do I need to be a boxer or a gymnast to take the class?
Absolutely not. The training focuses on conditioning the athlete (you) with High intensity bursts followed by short rest periods and repeated. If you’ve been working out and not seeing the results you want of expected then this type of training will push you through your plateau.

Do I need to get in shape before I try this class?
Not at all. You are pushed and encouraged based on your current level of fitness. We adjust training to meet your individual needs. All I want is for you to give your best effort on that particular day. Everyone can be successful.

Are you finally ready for a change?

All indoor classes are held at

SOUND FITNESS located on 860 Canal Street