3/10/06 WOD

Back from Jamaica!!! Got some well needed relaxation but now it’s time to get back to work!

Last night’s class and this morning’s session had great energy and enthusiasm let’s keep it up now that spring is right around the corner!

5 minute lite jog
Track & Field W.U. – high knees, butt kicks, side shuffle, walking lunge
Stretches – Iron Cross, Scorpion, Spiderman, Lunge N Hammy

30 sec each 3x
“String the Bow”
Full Med Ball Chop

5 rounds
Ground N Sky Squats 5 reps each hand
1 Leg Pushups 5 reps each leg

Sprawl Ball 20x*I’ll try to add a video of it this weekend

Turkish Get-Up – 5x each hand

2 Rounds – 30 sec each
Roman Chair Knee Ups
Ab Mat Full Crunch
Russian Twist

2/28/06 WOD

Jumprope – Side to Side Jumps – Front and Back Jumps 30 x3
High Knees – Butt Kicks – Side Shuffles

Partner Up
Sprawl Ball x20
Pushup with Ball Throw x20
Full Situp with Ball Throw x20

Full Tabata Squat

15 Minutes as many rounds as possible
5 Chinups
10 Pushups
10 Ball Pushpress

Treadmill 15% Grade, Jogging Speed
30 Sprint 30 Rest x5

2/27/06 WOD

30 sec each repeat 3 times
Jump Rope – Jumping Jack – Front and Back Jumping Jack – Side to Side Hops

10 Reps Each Repeat 3 times
Pushup hands on the ball – Full Body Chop with med ball

Circuit 1 – Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes
Pullups 10X
Push Offs on ball 10X
Deadlift 10X (barbell or single dumbbell)
Dumbbell Cleans 5X

*Mike and I both completed 4 rounds

Circuit 2 – Finish 3 Rounds
Wall Ball 10X
Burpee 10X (no pushup or jump)
Knee to Chin 20X
Box Jump 10X

Set treadmill to 15% Grade Speed 8.0
Sprint 20 sec Rest 40 sec
Repeat 5 times

2/24/06 WOD

6:00 AM
Jog 5 min easy
Mountain Climbers – 20, Spiderman Switches – 20, Burpee to Sumo Squat
Super Band Snap Downs – 5 rounds
15lb Ball Slams – 10

Tabata Squat – we’ll both do better next time
Mike got 12
Andy got 16

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes

Pullup – 10
DB Pushpress – 10
Full Burpee with pushup and jump – 10
Heavy Ball Slams – 10

*we’ll keep score next time

2/23/06 WOD

Everybody – Samson Stretch
Station 1 – Prisoner Squat
Station 2 – T Pushup
Station 3 – Back Extension on Ball

3 Rounds 30 sec each
1. Wall Ball
2. Box Jump
3. Treadmill Run

3 Rounds 30 sec each
1. Deadlift with High Pul
2. DB Squat curl press
3. Burpee

3 Rounds 30 sec each
1. Hanging Knee Ups
2. Knee to Chin
3. Reverse Crunch

3 Rounds 30 sec each
1. Power walk 15% Grade
2. Jog
3. Jump Rope



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