Why Train at CrossFit Stamford?

All CrossFit gyms are different, we are not a franchise system. We are independently owned and operated affiliates.

At CFS our mission is to get people in the best shape of their lives in the most fun and safe way possible!

CFS was founded in 2006, is the oldest CrossFit in CT. We pride ourselves on our experience and knowledge working with 1000’s of athletes through the years.

  • Classes 7 days a week and over 50+ classes offered per week
  • Specialty classes (Olympic Lifting, Women Only, Kids, Teens, Strongman)
  • Never have to reserve space in class
  • Healthy meal delivery
  • Locker Rooms with Showers
  • Experienced hands on Coaching

High quality coaching yields faster results and helps prevents injury.

We offer specialty clinics (nutrition seminars and counseling, rowing, running, weightlifting, gymnastic clinics, group outings, kids classes, competitions etc).

Our program provides the benefits of personal training plus the advantage of working out with a group of friends at a fraction of the cost.

Our athlete’s goals are as varied as their backgrounds, ages, and experiences: Preparing for a sport, losing fat, getting past a plateau, gaining flexibility, or just remaining injury free.

The secondary benefits of our program include gaining confidence, feeling better and making new friends.

The atmosphere in our gym is one of Fun, Teamwork, Support and Camaraderie.

If you’ve seen our logo on the home page of the website you may be wondering “What’s with the burning boat?”

CrossFit Stamford started during the infancy of CrossFit and along the way we’ve had tremendous fun and hilarious memories that will last a lifetime but we also had our share of hardships. There were times along the way when we felt discouraged and experienced setbacks. During those tough times we would lean on each other and “Burn the Boats” became our mantra.


Somewhere we had heard the story of Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortez. He gathered a small band of men and traveled from Spain to Mexico to face the Aztecs in a bloody battle and seize the treasure there. The Spaniards were greatly outnumbered but once they reached Mexican soil Cortez rallied his troops with the command “Burn the Boats”, and they did.

With their ships literally on fire they had no exit strategy and were forced to fully commit to beating the Aztecs or die trying. The Spaniards won that day, succeeding where no one else could for centuries before them. This idea of complete dedication to our vision motivated us to stay the course and make decisions that weren’t always easy but were in the best interest of the business. The burning boat is a symbol of the strength of the CFS Community!

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