THURSDAY 10.12.2017 WOD


2 Min Row, Bike or Jump Rope

Shoulder Opener

1 RNFT – Mini Bands on Wrists
15 External Rotations Palms Up
15 Standing Bench Press
15 Standing Overhead Press

Choose 1 Option:


Run for 35 Min – Every 2 Laps Come back inside and perform 15 Burpee No Jump. Score is completed laps

If it’s raining outside you may opt to Row for 35 Min – Every 500 m stop and perform 15 Burpee no Jump. Score is total meters completed.




This exercise is designed to help build stability throughout your shoulder. Be conservative at first you’ll be surprised how difficult this will feel for some of you. You will feel like a spaz at first but most will quickly adapt by the 2nd or 3rd set.

CLEAN GRIP “BAMBOO” Bar Bench Press with 2 Partners.

Warm Up:
2 Sets of 20 with an empty bar 45/15

Add a pair of light KBs or light change plates 5’s or 10’s to each side attached with a PURPLE band.

Work Sets
5 Sets of 10 Reps. Add additional weight on the bar OR heavier KBs each set as you build up

It’s important to have 3 people per bench for the proper amount of rest today!


Keep your shoulders square, you’re going to feel this in your obliques/abs as you fight to keep your torso from rotating

Using a single Kettlebell complete:

5 Floor Press on R & L
5 Bent Over Rows on R & L
5 Suitcase Deadlifts on R & L
Walk across gym – Single Arm Farmer Carry on R, Walk back on L



A. Foam Roll / Lacrosse Ball for 10 Minutes

B. Row Bike or Jog at a conversational pace for 10 Minutes

C. 10 Min AMRAP NFT focusing on PERFECT reps at conversational pace of:
10 Pushups
10 Air Squats
10 AbMat Situps with Feet in Butterfly Position
10 Walking Lunges
10 Ring Rows or 5 Strict Pullups

D. 10 Min of Static Stretching

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