Nick Dellacamera

I began Crossfit in April 2013. I was working out a lot before I started but never felt like I was accomplishing all of my goals. I started to do some kettle bells workouts on the side of just normal chest and triceps, back and biceps. It still was not enough. I talked to a good friend of mine and he said we should just join CFS and try it out.


As soon as I started I was addicted. It has changed my life drastically, not only has it changed my view of fitness but it has helped me with my everyday life. I believe in the lifestyle for myself and completely recommend it to anyone who is looking to take fitness to another level and feel great. I love to teach adults and kid’s everything I have learned so that they can reach their goals and look better and be part of a great community.

CF Level 1
CF Strongman

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