Justin Racioppa

Justin Pistol

I first heard of CrossFit was about 5 years ago from one of my best friends. He had always been into exercise but swore CrossFit was different. For him it was more about the personal challenges and successes rather than just showing off his muscles. At first I thought it was just going to be the next fad and would soon pass like many others. I saw him several months later and noticed a huge physical and mental change. Could he actually be onto something with this whole CrossFit thing? Fast forward several years and after being bored with the monotony of the gym I decided to finally give CrossFit a try.

I joined CrossFit Stamford in early 2012 eager to get my workout on. I was overwhelmed with the sense of community and camaraderie each member and coach showed. Working out became fun again. In dealing with the physical and mental challenges of CrossFit I’ve developed into a stronger and more confident person. It has taught me to deal with things one step at a time and appreciate the small victories in working towards my goals. I feel privileged to be a coach at CrossFit Stamford and am eager to share the life-changing benefits CrossFit has offered me. I look forward to helping others achieve their goals and set personal records they never thought possible.


  • CrossFit Level 1 Certification
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