7:00 am advanced level

Bicep openers 5/5/5/5
Shoulder openers 5/5/5/5
External oblique opener :60 sec
T – spine opener 12-15 reps

Part 1: 3 sets with 90 sec rest between sets of harnessed bear crawl sprints for 100 ft straight into yoke carry for 100 ft.

Part 2: 3 sets with 90 sec rest between sets of Db strict press (choose a weight that you can get about 5-6 reps then straight into push press until you can not even lift your arms overhead anymore, then straight into a 100 ft rope pull as fast as possible

Finisher: 5 min emom
5 side delt raises
5 bicep curls
*you will do all 10 reps on the minute

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