Brand New to CrossFit?

Our On Ramp (beginners program) will prepare you to  join the WOD – Workout Of the Day classes.

On Ramp is required for all new members who have not done CrossFit already at another affiliate. New On Ramp sessions begin on the first Thursday of each month. 

The cost is $205 and includes the 3 week program plus an additional 1 week of WOD classes. If you’re a high school or full time undergrad student the cost is $135.

There are 9 Sessions, each 1 hour long. During these sessions you will learn how to safely perform common CrossFit movements, increase your general conditioning and begin to get accustomed to training in a large fast paced CrossFit class.


We will slowly ramp up the intensity and volume as the classes progress. There will be plenty of exercise modifications provided for members with previous injury or limitations. One underrated but important benefit of completing the On Ramp program is the new found friends you’ll make!

On Ramp meets on Mon Tue and Thur @ 8:00 pm. If you cannot make the regularly scheduled On Ramp classes please contact us to arrange private sessions.

If you’re ready to get started click here to register online for the next On Ramp.

Already Have CrossFit Experience?

Great! If you have been CrossFitting at another affiliate opt for a Skills Test. The Skills test is 100% Free and it will give you an opportunity to test out of On Ramp and begin the Workout of the Day right away! You will meet with a coach to demonstrate your knowledge of common CrossFit movements, discuss scaling and perform a short WOD. This is also a time to get to know each other and talk about programming, community, goals, limitations etc.


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