Why Train at CFS?


“One day back in 2005 I read a Men’s Journal article “Best Shape of Your Life in 20 min…” this how I found CrossFit. The workouts looked pretty short and different so I tried it out and…they ugh destroyed me. I thought I was in decent shape back then but I clearly was not in CrossFit shape. I started trying different WODs and never looked back. Fast forward a few months later and I decided to open CrossFit Stamford training out of a small crowded training gym.

One year later I teamed up with Kristie and we opened up our own place, right across the street from that commercial gym. Over the next few years our community and CrossFit the organization continued to grow. In the summer of ’09 we moved again to a new facility twice the size. Finally in July 2011 we’ve moved into our permanent 8000 sq foot home complete with all the CrossFit bells and whistles and we’ve never looked back since.

It may seem a bit cheesy to someone outside of our community but what is inside of these walls is so much more than just “going to the gym”. It’s a community of driven, encouraging, generous, dedicated, fun loving individuals that have all decided that they want more out of life. We’ve made life long friends here and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for CF Stamford! – Andy

Our Community

Looking back on how things first started, Andy and I started doing the WODs together. I felt so out of shape! All that time spent on machines and light dumbbells had not prepared me for this program at all. I quickly fell in love with the idea of making my workouts into “games”.

It was more fun, I was working harder and I had measurable results. It felt a lot like playing on a sports team. It wasn’t long before I brought my personal training clients on board. As our program has grown so has the community. The best part about CrossFit Stamford is the friendships that are cultivated here.

We encourage and motivate each other to work harder than we thought possible and we spend time together at events in and outside of the gym. CrossFit has given me a reason to train and I feel proud to say that I look and feel better than I did ten years ago. – Kristie

Our Logo

If you’ve seen our logo on the home page of the website you may be wondering “What’s up with the burning boat?”

CrossFit Stamford started during the infancy of CrossFit and along the way we’ve had fun and hilarious memories that will last a lifetime with life long friends. But there were also trying times when we felt discouraged and experienced setbacks. During those tough times we would lean on each other and the “Burn the Boats” became our mantra.

Most have heard a version of the story of Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortez. He gathered a small band of men and traveled from Spain to Mexico to face the Aztecs in a bloody battle and seize the treasure there. The Spaniards were greatly outnumbered but once they reached Mexican soil Cortez rallied his troops with the command “Burn the Boats”, and they did.

With their ships literally on fire they had no exit strategy and were forced to fully commit to beating the Aztecs or die trying. The Spaniards won that day, succeeding where no one else could for centuries before them. This idea of complete dedication to our vision motivated us to stay the course and make decisions that weren’t always easy or popular but were in the best interest of the business. The burning boat is a symbol of the strength of the CFS Community!


Take the first step and don't look back. Sign up for our Fitness Development Program and after the first session with your Coach if you decide this isn’t for you we’ll refund 100% of your money back!

“Don’t fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.” - Louise E. Boone


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