Craing Front

Craig Back

Congratulations to Craig who, in addition to showing great physical change, also had the second biggest improvement in the paleo WOD.

This is what he had to say:

It was an eye-opening experience in a few ways. It showed me and my family that I could challenge myself to a high degree and gave me new perspective on myself and how my mind functions under this kind of test, and more broadly, who I am.

About two thirds of the way through the challenge I was feeling almost euphoric about myself my life my goals, my future and my health. But at the same time I felt the pull to falloff – not work out – not push myself, take a deduction… kind of like being two thirds the way through a WOD saying “I did enough, I’m exhausted, I can back off now” etc. To follow through and give it my best to last nights sleep was awesome!

My “brand” has never before been about physical fitness and having a great physique. Seeing my body change and seeing how much more fit I am (skiing with my family for instance) has really changed this view of myself. I think for my family as well.

I can say, with utmost sincerity, that I have felt better in my life! I would recommend it to anyone (and have) because no matter where you are in the spectrum of fitness and dietary discipline, you can compete and show yourself an improvement.

Thank you for putting this challenge out there and pulling such a great community together at CrossFit Stamford