FRIDAY 10.13.2017 WOD

Today’s WOD is a Test not Training. All out effort today!


Row Bike or Jump Rope 2 Min

With an empty barbell and a moderate KB complete:

5 Min AMRAP of:
5 RDLs
5 Hang Power Cleans
5 Air Squats
5 Full Swings

5 Minutes to Warm Up for Power Clean Test.


It’s VERY IMPORTANT that you retest the same way you initially did this WOD. For example if you used a 10 lb Wall Ball or a 44 lb Kettlebell make sure you use the same weight again.

CHALLENGE TEST WOD: Record Each Score Separately

All athletes whether they are in the Challenge will perform this WOD with a judge similar to the way we do the Open.

TEST 1A: (6 Min)
In 6 Minutes Establish a 1RM Hang or Power Clean (NOT squat cleans must be above parallel)

2 Min Rest

TEST 1B. (8 Min)

2 Rounds for Max Reps of:
1 Min Row for Cals
1 Min Wall Balls 20/14 or 14/10 to 10″/9″
1 Min Full Kettlebell Swings 53/35 or 44/30 or 35/25
1 Min Rest

Partner 1 will complete the entire workout while Partner 2 counts reps out loud and records all reps. Partners will then switch roles.

Cleans. Athlete is responsible for loading their own weights and telling judge what weight is on the bar
Rowing. The Monitor must be reset between each round.
Wall Balls. The ball must touch the line on each rep and full depth for each squat.
Swings. KB must be completed fully overhead showing the ears in profile.

IMPORTANT – Athletes in the 30 Day Challenge MUST RE RECORD their new score in your Challenge booklet.


10 Deadbugs Holding Bumper Plate Over Chest with Arms Extended
20 Moving Planks
20 Bear Crawls
1 Min Rest

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