Sunday July 9th we’ll be hosting our Summer In House Partner Competition. It’ll be same sex partners with Rx and Scaled divisions. Expect to kick off around 8:00 am or 9:00 am and 3 to 5 WODs. 

This is a members only comp with no coaches in it this time.

Sign ups will be at the whiteboard. More details and WODs to come as the date gets closer.


Brian from ATP will be running a clinic on Sunday June 25th from 8:00 am – 10:00 am. This clinic is designed to help athletes break through strength plateaus and address common faults in squatting technique.

This seminar is for athletes that want to improve hip/knee/ankle mobility and strength with the underlying theme of improving squat mechanics for a strong/pain free pattern.

Basic outline would be:
– Quick anatomy/function on main muscles of the hip, knee, ankle and how they function through a squat.
– Active/Passive mobility in a squat and how limited active presents risk of injury.
– Cues/Patterning as it relates to good mechanics and loading (using the right muscles at the right times)
– Hands on portion going through mobility/accessory drills for the squat.

The schedule will be modified on that day:
Olympic Lifting Class will be at 10:00 am
CrossFit Class will be at 11:00 am (only one class)
Kids Do Work will be at 12:15 pm

To sign up for the clinic and fix your squat sign up here!

2017 July On Ramp Starts Thursday the 6th

The JULY ON RAMP Class starts on THURSDAY the 6th @ 8:00 pm.

The cost to enroll is $205 and includes the 3 week program plus an additional 1 week of WOD classes.There are 9 Sessions, each 1 hour long. During these sessions you will learn how to safely perform common CrossFit movements, increase your general conditioning and begin to get accustomed to training in a large fast paced CrossFit class.

We will slowly ramp up the intensity and volume as the classes progress. There will be plenty of exercise modifications provided for members with previous injury or limitations. One underrated but important benefit of completing the On Ramp program is the new found friends you’ll make!

On Ramp meets on Wed and Thur @ 8:00 pm and Sun @ 8:00 am. If you cannot make the regularly scheduled On Ramp classes please contact us to arrange private sessions.

If you’re ready to get started click here to register online for the next On Ramp.

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