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SUNDAY 1.14.2018 WOD

WARM-UP 2 Minute Assault Bike, Row or Jump Rope General Movement Flow Hip & Ankle Mobility PART I: STAMINA Each Athlete Will Complete Two Rounds Of The Following With One Minute Rest Between Movements SPORT Up to 30 Seconds of Unbroken Pull-ups, Rest 30″, Up to 30 Seconds of Unbroken Pull-ups Up to 30 Seconds …
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SATURDAY 1.13.2018 WOD

PART 1 FITNESS/SPORT SPORT 3 Rounds for time of 15 Hang Power Cleans 15 Front Squats 15 Shoulder to OH Rx 95/65 or scale to 75/55 or 65/45 Every time you drop the bar. Perform 5 Bar Facing Burpees FITNESS/SPORT On a 15 Min Clock: 3 Rounds of: Row or Bike for 50 Sec Rest …
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7:00 am Strongman External oblique opener Bicep opener Hinge Sumo Deadlift off of blocks EMOM 7mns of Max weight for 5 reps. No over-under/mixed grip. Use straps and go heavy, if you get to min 7 and you are still getting 5 reps you went to light! Deadlift & Sled Sprint TYQ 1 set to …
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FRIDAY 1.12.2018 WOD

PART 1: FITNESS 15 Min Clock PART A: 6 Minutes to Establish a Hang Power Clean or Power Clean PART B: 9 Min AMRAP of: 15 Kipping Knee Ups 10 KB Deadlifts 70/44 or 53/35 5 Burpees SPORT OPEN WOD 15.1 – Set the Clock for 15 Minutes 15.1 Part 1: 9 Min AMRAP of …
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THURSDAY 1.11.2018 WOD

PART 1: FITNESS/SPORT With a Partner. Break up the work however you see fit. One Person works at a time. 20 Min AMRAP 50 Bench Press Rx 135/95 or 115/75, 95/65, 75/55 25 Strict Pullups 500 m Row Partners don’t need to use the same weight on the bench, pullups can be banded or stiff …
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Thursday 6:00 Strongman External oblique opener Bicep opener Shoulder opener Dips with weight & Barbell Rows TAO (Task Oriented) EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 7 mns For 7 mns, on the minute, you will do: Dips with weight (5 reps) straight into Barbell rows supinated grip (5 reps). Bench & Rope Pulls & …
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