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SUNDAY 11.19.2017 WOD

WARM-UP 2 Minute Bike, Row, or Jump Rope 2 Rounds: 60″ Turkish Get-up Right 10 Glute Bridges/Contralateral Glute Bridges 60″ Turkish Get-up Left 6 – 8 Single Arm Bent Over Row PART I: CONDITIONING 3 x 12 Minute EMOMs Minute 1: 30 to 45″ Turkish Get-Up into Reverse Lunge, Right Minute 2: 30 to 45″ …
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7:00 am advanced level Warmup: 1 RNFT External oblique opener T spine opener Part 1: back squat 3 sets of 10 reps @ 40% of your 1 RM back squat Part 2: 7 min emom of 5 yoke or barbell heavy Anderson squats Part 3: 2 sets of max reps dips straight into max reps …
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SATURDAY 11.18.2017 WOD

PART 1 FITNESS With a Partner. P1 completes an entire Round of FC then P2 completes an entire round of FC. Share the work however you see fit on the Cals. 10 Rounds of “FAST CINDY” 50 Cal Row 10 Rounds of “FAST CINDY” 50 Cal Row 10 Rounds of “FAST CINDY” 50 Cal Row …
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FRIDAY 11.17.2017 WOD

Congrats and welcome to our November On Ramp grads!! THANKSGIVING WEEK SCHEDULE Wednesday 22nd – Normal schedule except No 7PM Class Thursday 23rd, Thanksgiving Day – 9am and 10am ONLY Friday 24th – 9am, 10am and 11am Saturday 25th – Normal class schedule “Why should you do Trap Bar Deadlifts?” Last day of Phase 1. Monday …
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THURSDAY 11.16.2017 WOD

PART 1: 3 RNFT A1. 7 Single Arm Bench Press Right and Left A2. 7 Single Arm DB Row Right and Left A3. 14 Walking Lunges with Bumper Plate Overhead 45/25 PART 2: Conditioning 1000 m Row 30 Burpee Box Jumps or Step Ups 500 m Row 15 Burpee Box Jumps or Step Ups OR …
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WEDNESDAY 11.15.2017 WOD

  PART 1 FITNESS/SPORT Tabata Assault Bike 2 Min Rest Tabata L-Sit or Moving Planks 2 Min Rest Tabata 2 Arm Straight Leg Ring Rows 2 Min Rest Tabata Handstand Hold or Alternating Side Planks 2 Min Rest Tabata Row 2 Min Rest Tabata DUs COACH LED COOL DOWN


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