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2018 CFS Intramural Open

It’s almost that time of year! The 2018 CrossFit Open begins Feb 22nd and runs through March 26th. What is the Open? We created the CFS Intramurals a few years back and it’s a great way for all of us to get involved in some friendly competition with your friends. This year we will be …
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TUESDAY 1.23.2018 WOD

PART 1: FITNESS/SPORT 5 RNFT KB Floor Press x 6-8 reps (Athlete can have legs bent or straight) Bulgarian Split Squat on Bench @ 3211 x 4-6 reps R/L PART 2: FITNESS “INDIANA” For Time 20 DUs or 40 Singles 10 Russian Swings 53/35 40 DUs or 80 Singles 20 Russian Swings 60 DUs or …
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MONDAY 1.22.2018 WOD

PART 1: FITNESS/SPORT 3 Min EMOM High Hang Power Snatch x 2-4 Reps 1 Min Rest Add Weight 3 Min EMOM Mid Thigh Hang Power Snatch x 2-4 reps 1 Min Rest Add Weight 3 Min EMOM 3 Sec Pause at Knee into Power Snatch x 1-3 rep PART 2 FITNESS “Three Blind Mice” 4 …
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SUNDAY 1.21.2018 WOD

Warm up 2min Bike/Row Shoulder Mobility/ Moving Mobility Part 1: Every Min on the Min for 15min: Min 1- Seated Bottoms Up KB Press x 6 reps R/L Min 2- Alt Cossack Squat x 6 reps R/L Min 3- Heavy KB Russian Swing x 6 reps Part 2: 18.Zero 21-15-9 reps for time of: Alt …
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SATURDAY 1.20.2018 WOD

PART 1 FITNESS/SPORT 10 Min AMRAP Not Scored: A1. KB/DB TGU 2 R & 2 L A2. Strict Chin Up (underhand) x Max Reps A3. 20 Walking Lunges Holding a Pair of KB/DBs at sides Rest as needed between FITNESS With a Partner. Alternate complete rounds. 20 Min AMRAP of: Row 200/150 m 10 Wall …
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Strongman Saturday 7:00 am External oblique opener Bicep opener Hinge Chest dumbbell fly opener 7 min emom TAO (Task Oriented) 5 Supinated grip barbell rows + 5 broad jumps Bench press + farmer carry + oh yoke carry TYQ (Till You Quit) Build to 6 rep heavy bench press and do 6-8 reps, take off …
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